Welcome to China City Calahonda

China City 2, most probably, is the best Chinese restaurant located in the Calahonda area. We are well know to local residents and tourist as providing fresh and exciting Chinese cuisine, time after time. We offer the best curry in Calahonda, and recommend the chicken or prawns curry, sweet and sour sauce, duck, steamed fish and our home made Chow Mein, have a look at our menu for more options.

Not only is our food different from other Chinese restaurants but our approach to Chinese food is also. We have some amazing deals on family dinners, whether you’re feeding the whole family or just an evening with your friends, try one of our Special Family Dinners for anywhere from two to eight people. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always order a la carte as there’s so much variety to choose from. Even the pickiest of eaters won’t go hungry. Local residents and tourists have been ordering from us for years and they all agree, our fresh ingredients: large portion sizes, tasty food, and friendly service, make for the best Chinese restaurant in the Calahonda area.